A Taste of America in Manchester!

Saturdays are my sort of date day! It’s my only day off of the week, and also happens to be my boyfriend’s day off so we tend to do things together!

Saturday just gone we decided to go for food after spending a few hours in Ikea, at a restaurant my friend, Roxie, works at. It’s called Cocka Doodle Moo, there are only 2 branches at the moment – one in Hazel Grove, Stockport and one in Rochdale.

It’s very much a kind of American Diner feel when you walk in, and the menu drives that home too. Andy got a root beer (how much more American can you get) while I just got a boring old coke (hello being designated driver, all the time!)

Honestly. the menu is incredible. Theres a really good choice available of burgers, steaks, ribs.. all that jazz! I absolutely love American Diner style food places, I think they’re probably one of my favourite places to eat out because you can always find something you want off the menu!

I ordered a burger (obviously) a chicken bacon stack with normal skinny fries (kinda like McDonald’s fries with less salt if I’m telling the truth…) so the chicken bacon stack was a double fried chicken fillet, with double bacon, double cheese and lettuce and dressing. It tasted so good, but I’m sure you can imagine how filling it was!

Andy ordered the Dirty Boy which was basically a combination of all the meat you can think of on a burger – he really struggled to finish (he is weak!!!).

We went to the Stockport (Hazel Grove) restaurant, I’ve never been to the Rochdale one but I assume it’s just as good. I can wholeheartedly recommend Cocka-Doodle-Moo for food if you live in the Manchester area or if you’re visiting and you want a reasonably priced but really well made burger!

Not only do they do burgers and steaks though, but they have also recently started offering their own Freak Shakes – we unfortunately didn’t have room for one on this visit, I think it’s something you need to go for a separate visit for entirely, so I can foresee a Freak Shake date in the near future! We saw some coming out, and Roxie has recommended them and obviously I trust her opinion explicitly! (She also told me it’s basically a heart attack in a mug but hey – you only live once).

It made a nice change for us to go somewhere a little different for food, as we are usually creatures of habit, if we’ve been to the cinema, chances are we end up at Nando’s or Chiquitos, so to go somewhere a little different with a new menu was good!

Where are your favourite places to eat out? Do you have a favourite type of food? I don’t really enjoy Italian that much so I tend to avoid those types of places!

Thank you for reading! Leave me a comment below with where you like to go out for food!



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