Explore your home town – Gurkha Dining

gurkha outdoor


I live in the county of Cheshire, in North West England. Basically its Greater Manchester, but technically it’s Cheshire.
Anyway, technicalities are not important. Today, I want to talk about exploring your home town, your home city, the areas surrounding your home!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I decided we were going to go for dinner somewhere after we’d been to the gym. I’d been recommended this restaurant called Gurkha Dining. I was told it was a Nepalese/Indian restaurant but was really nice and somewhere I should definitely try, but, by the way, it’s in Macclesfield! Macclesfield is probably about a 40 minute drive from where I live but its not somewhere I’ve ever been, I’ve never before had reason to!

So anyway, I offered to drive us, I’ve only just passed my driving test really and I’m trying to get used to driving longer distances, and to places that I don’t really know (FYI driving through Poynton which is on the way, is something of a nightmare!)

So we found the restaurant eventually. We went on a Monday evening, but we booked anyway (just in case – you never know). Walked into this restaurant, which didn’t really look anything special from the outside – the tables are all empty, and we find the front desk and get told we can sit anywhere. Theres one other table in, a group of women laughing and drinking wine. We take a seat and the host/waiter gives us our menus.

There is SO MUCH to choose from on the menu! Honestly, I never have trouble choosing what i want to eat from menus, I can usually pin down something within 2 or 3 minutes… I was looking at this menu for 10 minutes and could not make up my mind! My friend was the same, there was just so much choice it’s ridiculous. Luckily the waiter brought us some poppadoms to see us through the food choosing or we might have collapsed from the effort!

I eventually decided on Mo:Mo in Chicken broth for my starter, and then Lamb Katmandu with pilau rice for my main meal (both Nepalese dishes). The starters took a while to come out, but I don’t mind waiting a while for my food when it tastes incredible and oh boy did it!

Mo:Mo in chicken broth in my own description, is basically like chicken ravioli pasta parcels, in a spicy soup/gravy. The “ravioli” parcels were huge, there were two of them in this small bowl. It was a very spicy dish, and I don’t usually do heavy spice but it was really tasty!


My main, the lamb Katmandu when it came looked like a chicken korma, we decided to share a rice between us (good job we did as the portion sizes were huge!). The curry sauce with my lamb actually tasted quite creamy and mild, like a korma! The only difference was the huge red and green peppers with it, and the fact it was lamb. It was a nice change from the spiciness of the starter and I’m so glad I went with it! It was a very enjoyable meal, but I couldn’t for the life of me finish it all, I could barely even eat half of it unfortunately!


When we asked for the bill I was expecting it to be quite an expensive meal considering we’d both had starters and mains, and we were also charged for the poppadoms at the start, but it came to a reasonable £40ish. I’ve definitely paid a lot more for meals in the past so I was quite happy with this, and more than happy to leave a tip as well.

Now I know Nepalese is definitely something I can recommend as well, there was an option in the menu to eat like a Gurkha soldier, which I think would be interesting, but it was for parties rather than 2 people eating a meal.

I hope this inspirers you to go an explore your home area a little more and try and find an interesting restaurant you’ve never tried – it doesn’t need to break the bank either!
Thanks for reading, and let me know if you’ve ever eaten Nepalese (in Nepal, or in your home town!)


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